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Cellular PVC Decking

What is Cellek™ decking system?

Cellek decking is manufactured using advanced PVC cellular technology. Our proprietary formulation (which uses no wood fillers), gives you lifetime durability, all weather performance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, protection from wood destroying insects, lifetime durability all weather performance.

Cellek decking requires virtually no maintenance and is kid friendly. Cellek™ decking eliminates
almost every problem associated with wood or wood composites decking. Cellek™ is the best available
product for any new or replacement deck, walkway, stairs, dock or any other project requiring decking materials.

Why the Cellek™ deck is so special?

Cellek’s unique formulation makes our deck so strong that you can drive a car onto it without it sagging or giving. This, in conjunction with its durability and maintenance free characteristics, certainly make it a special product in the field of many decking products.

Cellek™ deck designs?

Cellek™ decking board are available in two different styles: Grooved and Straight. Grooved boards fasten
with Cellek's fasteners, this makes installation easier and much quicker. This type of installation gives you
a perfectly smooth deck surface, with no visible screws or fasteners. For those who like traditional looking
decks with screws or nails on the surface, straight boards are available. Straight boards are also used in
building staircases and around the edge of a deck.

Cellek™ deck board dimensions?

Cellek™ deck boards are 5-1/2" by 1" in nominal size (5-1/4" net), fascia boards are 11-1/4" x ".
Cellek™ deck boards and joist covers are available in 12', 16' and 20' lengths. Custom lengths are
available for volume orders.

What colors are available for Cellek™ deck?

Cellek™ deck boards are available in four colors (Brown, Gray, Clay and Ivory). Custom colors are
available for volume orders.

Cellek deck surface finish?

Cellek™ deck boards are available with two types of surface finish: Semigloss and Wood-emulated finish.
Both of have wood grain appearance. Our wood-emulated finish is so natural looking, its vivid wood texture has “fooled” many people into thinking that it’s real wood.

Cellek’s™ decking warranty?

Yes, Cellek™ decking provides a lifetime limited warranty which is the longest offer of the industry.
Please see Cellek™ Warranty.

There is a World of Difference!!!

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